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BolNagri keymap updated

Bolnagri keymap is updated.

Added characters:
090B Dev. Vocalic R (ऋ)           - on AltGr+Shift-R
0919 Letter NGA (ङ)               - on shift-M
090C Vocalic L (ऌ)                - AltGr+Shift-L
090D Letter Candra E (ऍ)          - AltGr+Shift-Z
0911 Letter Candra O (ऑ)         - AltGr+Shift-X
20B9 Rupee symbol (₹)            - on $ ( '$' is now AltGr+shift-4)

For Marathi support
0933 Letter LLA (ळ)               - Shift-L
0931 Letter RRA (ऱ - eyelash RA)   - AltGr+R

Enhancement bug is fixed. Will be available in future xkeyboard-config/Xorg release. Or manually update /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in with this patch.

Bolnagri keymap

Bolnagri keymap


IndLinux Project day @FOSS.IN/2007

IndLinux is having Project day at FOSS.IN/2007 on 5th December

Schedule for PD is

5th December

10:00 – 10:45am – IndLinux PD: Introduction and Indic Status – G Karunakar
10:45 – 11:15am – Understanding Indic – Ramkrishna Reddy
11:15 – 11:30am Tea Break
11:30 – 12:15pm – Indian Language spell checking – Gora Mohanty
12:15 – 1:00pm – TeX / LaTeX in Indic languages: Status and the Road ahead – C S Yogananda

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch Break

2:00pm – 3:00pm – Dhvani – Indian Language TTS- Demo, Adding language support – Santosh Thottingal
3:00pm – 3:15pm Tea Break
3:15pm – 4:15pm – A Crash course on Speech recognition using CMU sphinx to build ASRS – Shyam K
4:15pm – 5:00pm – Facilitating Indian language users on FOSS platforms – Gora Mohanty
5:00pm – 5:45pm – BoF – Planning, How to contribute, participate
5:45pm – 6:00pm – Conclusion & closure

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For all fans of bolnagri , it just became easier (goodbye scim!).
bolnagri map is now being combined into the common Indic xkb map.. so
it will be available always & directly selected through traditional
keyboard selection tools of GNOME & KDE etc.

For the impatient.. download

& do the following (as root)
# cp in.txt /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/
# cd /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols
# cp in in.orig
# mv in.txt in
(all this will not be needed to be done in future, once the map is
included into Xorg, then it will always be available, not needing a
separate install!)

then just open your keyboard applet and select ‘India’, in which
select ‘bolnagri’ & follow usual keyboard switching shortcuts (Left
Alt+Shift) or which ever is set.

Note: matras come by default when using ( a, e ,i , o , u ), use it
with Right Alt + key or Shift + Right Alt + key to get the vowel
for ओ – Ralt + o , for औ – Shift+Ralt+o

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New bolnagri deb package

New deb package for bolnagri released, for Debian Etch and
derivatives. Should also work on Ubuntu 6.10/7.04
this takes into account the recent changes in location of xkb maps in

available in FRS

Thanks to Kartik Mistry for building package.

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IndLinux Saga

  • A brief timelog of IndLinux history!
    • First launched by Prakash Advani (technology writer and founder of portal ) , Venkatesh Hariharan (freelance journalist -then) in Dec 1999 on (now at
    • Prakash Advani was then running this portal on Free operating systems available then & was a Linux evangelist. He later started as a Linux services company ( June 2000 ).
    • Venky Hariharan was a freelance journalist involved in writing about technology. He was earlier involved with BharatBhasha , a project started by Harsh Kumar (Hindi and IT expert working in public sector). Harsh Kumar had got developed Shusha fonts – a collection of 5 fonts for Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali. These were the first set of fonts easy to use available in public domain. The central point of Shusha being – no extra software should be needed to type in ones language.
    • indlinux group list started on 28th Dec 1999 on egroups.
    • discussions start in Jan 2000 -
    • With slow discussions on mailing list its decided to hire someone fulltime to work for IndLinux. Prakash Advani while starting his company decides to support IndLinux through it.
    • June 2000 – Karunakar joins project as fulltime member, with supporting the project – financially and resource wise.
    • With the core team on Apurva Shah (CTO, FreeOS), Prakash Advani, Venky Hariharan, Harsh Kumar (then with HPCL, now Indian Railways), Rahul Palkar (freelancer).
    • set up, hosted my
    • Mailing list set up on
    • Localized app in Hindi – using Shusha fonts with Hindi translated interface was made.
    • Project registerd on SourceForge in Sept 2000.
    • A team at IIT Madras (also called IndLinux) starts working on a ISCII based solution.
    • R&D in progress to understand how whole i18n/l10n model works (these were days when model in linux was not well documented & many things didnt work in that stage – like unicode, phonetic input, multilingual fonts etc.
    • with linux kernel supporting Unicode and UTF-8 & also glibc having support for widechars/unicode, XFree86 starts supporting display of Unicode chars.
    • Xmodmap & XKB Inscript keymaps for indic scripts implemented.
    • development of Unicode Hindi TTFs begins.


    • Glib, Pango have Unicode support, freetype implements opentype tables.
    • first attempts to make a Opentype font .
    • A demo application using unicode, pango, gtk with Hindi interface written.
    • Opentype font is developed but gets stuck in financial issues.
    • closes down.
    • Prakash Advani joins Netcore Solutions. Rajesh Jain CEO of Netcore solutions (also of Indiaworld fame) supports IndLinux, Karunakar hired in Netcore to continue Indlinux activities.
    • Linux Bangalore/2001, Localization talks at event. Event also marks first meeting point of FOSS enthusiasts working on localization activities – IndLinux, LLI-Bangalore, IIT Madras, Chennai Kavigal, RCIL at Mgmt Studies center, IISc.


    • Gnome Hindi translations begin
    • Team in Bhopal starts Gnome Hindi translations.
    • Indic-Computing is formed.
    • First Indic-Computing meet in Bangalore Sept 2002 – sponsored by HP ISO
    • First public Demo of Hindi Gnome at Linux Bangalore 2002.
    • Cyberscape Multimedia release a set of Indic TTF fonts courtesy lobbying by FSF-India
    • Linux Bangalore/2002, L10n talks at event & a Indlinux demo stall for first time.


    • IndLinux Hindi v0.37 (milan) released at Gnunify/2003
    • Indic Font Workshop at PESIT Bangalore, March 2003 – supported by Sarai, Deeproot
    • June 2003, First Milan Demo CD released.
    • Oct 2003 – Milan demo CD v2 released.
    • Oct 2003 – First Hindi translation review workshop @ Sarai
    • Dec 2003 – Linux Bangalore/2003, L10n talks + IndLinux stall.
    • Dec 2003 – Indlinux Hindi v0.73 (pali) released.


    • Localization Newsletter started..8 issues published till Nov’04
    • KDE 3.2 translated to Hindi
    • May 04 – Rangoli alpha released.
    • July 04 – Panl10n Localization training to Bhutanese (Dzongkha) L10n team.
    • Aug 04 – User demo workshop at IHC Lab.
    • Aug 04 – 2nd Hindi Translationr review workshop @ Sarai
    • Sept 04 – Indic Meet @ HBCSE, Mumbai – supported by Redhat
    • Sept 04 – Panl10n Localization training to Nepali l10n team.
    • Oct 04 – Advanced L10n training to Dzongkha team in Bhutan.
    • Oct 04 – IndLinux Hindi 0.9 (unnati) released.
    • Bolnagri keymap released


    • Jan 05 – Rangoli 1.0 beta released
    • May 05 – 3rd Hindi translation review workshop @ Sarai
    • Sept 05 – Indic Devel meet @ HBCSE, Mumbai – supported by Redhat, CDAC


    • OpenOffice Help translated to Hindi
    • Hindi supported in debian-installer


    • Sarai.ttf font released
    • NRCFOSS AU-KBC sponsors dedicated server for Indic localization activities.
    • launched for hosting Indic l10n projects
  • Comments

    Thank You!

    IndLinux and Indic localization would not have been possible without the support of the following organizations in different capacities. was founding organization and incubator for IndLinux through 1999-2001. Logo

    IndLinux Project has been hosted on since Sept 2000.

    Netcore Solutions
    Netcore Solutions has supported IndLinux activities since 2001.

    Sarai-CSDS has been long time supporter since 2002.

    NRCFOSS AU-KBC is sponsoring server hosting for and Code repository

    Apart from this are several others individuals, organizations in different capacities who shared our vision of Indic Computing on FOSS.

    From IndLinux Sponsors.


    indlinux wiki upgraded

    In the ongoing process of revamping website, wiki upgraded to mediawiki 1.5.6 . All Wiki user accounts will also go for a review & invalid ones (history of spamming, lost passwords, unreachable email ids) dropped. A Todo for later is confirmation of new account, by email verification.
    First page (index.html) will also have to get a new look, while wiki is reorganized to make it more easily navigable, with no new page going in as orphan page.
    Some more planned website activities outlined here.