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Priti Patil from Janabhaaratii writes:

We’ve created a localized build of 2.0
for Marathi (milestone: m3) using translations done by
BharateeyaOO.o group, C-DAC (Formerly NCST),
Electronic City, Bangalore, see the snapshots.

Known Issues:
1. Application crashes while selecting fonts from font

Still in testing phase.

Whole janabhaaratii Team, C-DAC (Formerly
BhaaratiyaOO.o group C-DAC (Formerly NCST), Electronic
City, Bangalore.
Kartik Mistry, to name a few.

Priti Patil
janabhaaratii Team
C-DAC (Formerly NCST),
Air India Building, Nariman Point,

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Telugu software CD launch by TDIL

TDIL/MIT/CDAC announced the release of Telugu software tools CD launch in Hyderabad today. While a few things like 300 telugu fonts, Telugu Openoffice, browser, spellchecker etc have been mention will only be clear what stuff is there once we get a hand on the CDs. Its to be seen if they have done a better job this time by including the work of FOSS community – Telugu team

More info available at ILDC
Warning :Telugu unicode support has to be installed to view the site, which is all in Telugu. Could have helped better to provide the website in English too, for those wanting to try the tools but unable to read the language.

To get a CD please visit ILDC website

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