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FOSS.IN schedule out!

FOSS.IN schedule is out!!

Indic talks are on 2nd Dec 2005.

10:30 am The long and winding road: FOSS computing in Indian languages
Gora Mohanty, Sarai, CSDS

11:15 am Localized Content in Education
Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Technologies

12:00 pm Indic Tools for Community Knowledge Bases
Srinivasa Raghavan K, Sarai Consultant

12:45 pm A Javascript Indic Input Method Editor
Surekha Sastry, Sarai Consultant

IndLinux stall will be in the FOSS projects Expo area.

Timings of BoF meets for Indic Computing and Multilingual internet will be announced just before the event.

If you are attending, make sure to register as delegate before 28th Nov noon.


castle in bazaar

A lot is in news with respect to CD releases by TDIL/MIT/CDAC, but a few misconceptions need to be cleared out.

Firstly, work by opensource groups has been voluntary, ever since the beginning (1997 onwards), with many people and some organizations (,netCORE, Sarai-CSDS, Red Hat India etc) pitching in with support.

So its a mistaken view that “CDs initiative has roused the local open source community”, the community has been at it always, its just that there is lot of community work already done and ready for use, that is going into the CDs.

Secondly, much of the software in the CDs are proprietary, or just costwise free for personal use, with no source code released or license not being FOSS one, except for the FOSS stuff like – OpenOffice, Firefox etc. So while 20% of the CD maybe FOSS the rest isn’t.

The only most useful part being the release of opentype fonts for free personal use, so at least now people shouldnt complain of not having enough fonts to use, though it would have helped if the redistribution licences would have been more clearer, allowing them to be bundled with other packages.

& Lastly a more open process for CD compiling would help, esp. if the CDs are being marketed as ‘open source’ stuff.

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Hindi test bed using Entrans

A test site for Entrans 2.0 is put up at This will be used as test bed for Hindi team to try it out and suggest improvements to it. And for a live testing translate Drupal to Hindi using it. Translators welcome to try it out.

Feedback for Entrans give on entrans-users list.

Feedback for Hindi translations give at indlinux-hindi list.

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Entrans v0.2 – Online translation & review framework released

Khader announces on indlinux-group

Entrans v0.2 has been released at Sourceforge.

Additional Features in the new version

1. Multiple Suggestion/ Edit option
2. Machine Translation
3. Machine Transliteration
4. Keyboard Shortcut
5. Preserving the “knowledge” base
6. Merging PO files
7. Simpilified Admin page

*Multiple Suggestion/ Edit option*
Users will now be able to make suggestions from the “String listing”
pages viz., ‘File Contents’ page, ‘All Strings’ page and ‘Untranslated
Strings’ page.

*Machine Translation and Transliteration*
Machine Translation and Transliteration will now appear as user
suggestion options in the ‘Suggestion Page’

*Keyboard Shortcuts*
Keyshorcuts have been added to enable easy user of the tool. See the
Help page for more information

*Preserving the “knowledge” base*
Preserving previously made suggestions and using them along with
the existing suggestions in suggestion options, machine translation, etc.

*Merging PO files*
When a updated version of a PO file already existing in the
database is uploaded the contents are merged and the database refelects
the merged data.

Project Page :

File Download Page :


Punjabi L10n newsletter

Amanpreet from Punjabi L10n team announces the Punjabi Newsletter



Proposed Indic related activities at FOSS.IN/2005

Talks proposed

* The long and winding road: FOSS computing in Indian languages – Gora Mohanty
* Debian-IN: Free Software For a Free Country – Jaldhar H Vyas
* Indic Tools for Community Knowledge Bases – Srinivasa Raghavan K
* A Javascript Indic Input Method Editor – Surekha Sastry
* Babel on the Web: Internationalization challenges facing the WWW – Badi Kumar S
* BoF on Indic computing
* BoF on Multilingual Internet


* We will have IndLinux stall at the FOSS Expo.
* 1-2 PCs to demo Indic stuff
* Big banner for IndLinux – 5’x3′ – with Indlinux logo & more artwork.
* A3 size posters in different languages & talking about different activities.
* A4/A3 size color logo posters.
* 1-2 pagers – print enough to go straight in delegate kits.

Other activities

* Brainstorming meets – at tea/coffee
* interviews
* Expected crowd – Utkarsh, Indlinux, Malayalam, Tamil, Swecha, Rebati , Urdu, Janabhaaratii

More here