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Contributing more font encodings/websites for Padma

Nagarjuna Venna writes on padma list on how to contribute more font encodings for Padma – the dynamic indic convertor for websites using legacy fonts. Read more here

Padma home page


Telugu Festival Text-to-Speech System 0.3 Released

Chaitanya writes on telugu-list

festival-te is a Free Telugu language text-to-speech system based on
Festival TTS synthesizer available under GPL. It accepts Telugu Unicode
text (in UTF-8 encoding) as input and speaks out the text. It can be
used along with a screen reader like gnopernicus which assists an
illiterate by reading out the text on the screen. It also provides a
diphone voice database of a male speaker.

The system is ready for use with all the components in place. Please
download [1], test the package and give us your feedback. The package is
easy to install with only festival as a dependency.

Developers interested in joining this project [2], could contact us.
festival-te can be a good starting point to develop TTS systems for
other Indian languages. We will be glad to be of assistance to the other
language teams who are interested in doing this.

The most critical component of this system which is the voice database
has been provided under GPL by TeNeT group, speech team of IIT-M [3].


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indic fonts list

A list of Indic fonts available for different scripts is available at
wiki fonts list page

This list includes only unicode & opentype fonts and available in
FOSS licenses or non-commercial/public domain.
Any additions to it could be suggested

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Padma: Transformer for Indic Scripts

Ever visited a Indian language newspaper website and couldnt read it becoz the encoding was proprietry or the fonts didnt work, a little know gem of Indic tools – Padma makes it possible, an extension written for Mozilla/Firefox it converts the website text to unicode and redisplays the page, making it readable in your browser – all dynamically and automatically. Developed by Nagarjuna Venna, Padma Indraganti, it is inspired by Kolichala Suresh’s implementation of a converter from RTS to Unicode for the Internet Explorer.

From the home page:
Padma is a technology for transforming Indic text between various public and proprietary formats. This extension applies the technology to Mozilla based applications. Padma is available as an extension for Firefox, Thunderbird and Netscape platforms. Padma currently supports Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Devanagari and Gujarati scripts. The following output formats are supported: Unicode, RTS (for Telugu script) . Input methods supported are: RTS, Unicode, ISCII, ITRANS.

Many popular newspaper’s website encodings are supported. So just install the extension and browse the sites, now automatically converted to unicode.

The current stable version of Padma is 0.4.4.