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English-Telugu dictionary online

Swecha team has put up a web interface for English Telugu Dictionary at

The interface is in Telugu Unicode unlike most other online dictionary
lookup services. It is based on Charles Philip Brown English-Telugu
Dictionary, available under GPL at

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IndLinux IRC Meet – 22nd May 3pm-6pm

IndLinux IRC meet on 22nd May 3pm-6pm IST on #indlinux at


  • Formation of the Indlinux Society
  • Update’s from the Language Teams
  • Indic Developer Meet – Possible venues


Aksharbodh – OCR for Indian languages

AksharBodh is a project to create a set of libraries and applications for character recognition for Indic languages using computers, basically OCR (optical character recognition).
This project will have two parts
(i) Character recognition from scanned images handwriting recognition.
(ii) Character recognition from scanned image can be restricted to fonts, but handwriting recognition has to be generic.

Some background information is here on wiki

Visit project home page
Join the mailing lists.

The project specifically needs volunteers with skills in maths & programming and some knowlegde of pattern recognition & working of existing OCR softwares.

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Firefox indic in Debian testing

Though not really new news, but Debian testing now has Indic enabled Firefox, meaning Indic script will render well in it. A good time for users to upgrade to it. Other distros which support it are Fedora Core 4+ & Ubuntu Breezy/Dapper