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Unicode Conversion Gateway for Indian language newspaper sites

Prasad from Swecha writes Swecha team at TCS (Vignesh, Harshita) have
been working on porting the Padma Firefox extension to PHP, so that it can be used server-side as a proxy server. The proxy is available at

Check it out and if possible link to it from your websites (Target is to get the search engines index the unicode versions of Indian language websites – thats the reason for listing out all the supported websites on

Vignesh writes more about it

What is Unicode Conversion Gateway?

This is a proxy server. When you visit web pages through this server, it will convert the proprietary encoded contents in those web pages into Unicode contents. A mozilla plugin called Padma is extended and reimplemented to create this proxy server.

How to access this Unicode Conversion Gateway?

Use this Url:

What are all the websites that it’s going to support?

There is a list of website names in the index page ( for them the contents can be converted.

Why do we need the conversion to unicode?

If the web pages are in unicode,
* single unicode font per language is sufficient to view all the web pages
* search inside a web page is possible
* search through google is possible
* the contents can be copy pasted and mailed to somebody

Why is Unicode Conversion Proxy needed when Padma is available?

Padma is specific to mozilla and firefox web browsers. Since Unicode Conversion Gateway is a proxy server, one can access this through any web browser. Also we have added support for two more proprietary encodings used in and web sites. We are planning to add support for more encodings also.

What is the development status of the code?

It is converting the pages reasonably well. But still it needs to be improved. We are doing that.

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