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Gargi 2.0 release

Update for Gargi devanagari font – v2.0 is released. Font is updated for Unicode 6.x with support for additional combinations.
Kudos to developers – Monica Shah & team.

Download ttf
Download Fontforge sfd

Gargi repository


Bolnagri for Marathi

Recently bolnagri map in xkeyboard was updated to support additional characters for Marathi (ऱ, ळ ). Most recent distributions like Ubuntu 12.10, Debian Wheezy/Sid should have the updated keymap.

If looking to use Bolnagri for Marathi on older release, then follow these steps (need to be a super user to modify keymap file).

1) Replace /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in with one available here.

2) Or patch /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in with the changes here.

or manually edit symbols/in to make following changes to add (ऱ, ळ )

– key { [ U0930, U0943 ] }; // R: ra, vocalic Ri
+ key
{ [ U0930, U0943, U0931, U090B ] }; // R: ra, vocalic Ri

– key { [ U0932, U0962 ] }; // L: la, vocalic L or lru matra`
+ key
{ [ U0932, U0933, U0962, U090C ] }; // L: la, vocalic L or lru matra

To access them use AltGr (RightAlt or chosen 3rd level key).
&#x0931 – AltGr+R
ळ – AltGr+L