BolNagri keymap updated

Bolnagri keymap is updated.

Added characters:
090B Dev. Vocalic R (ऋ)           - on AltGr+Shift-R
0919 Letter NGA (ङ)               - on shift-M
090C Vocalic L (ऌ)                - AltGr+Shift-L
090D Letter Candra E (ऍ)          - AltGr+Shift-Z
0911 Letter Candra O (ऑ)         - AltGr+Shift-X
20B9 Rupee symbol (₹)            - on $ ( '$' is now AltGr+shift-4)

For Marathi support
0933 Letter LLA (ळ)               - Shift-L
0931 Letter RRA (ऱ - eyelash RA)   - AltGr+R

Enhancement bug is fixed. Will be available in future xkeyboard-config/Xorg release. Or manually update /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in with this patch.

Bolnagri keymap

Bolnagri keymap

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