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IndLinux and Indic localization would not have been possible without the support of the following organizations in different capacities. was founding organization and incubator for IndLinux through 1999-2001. Logo

IndLinux Project has been hosted on since Sept 2000.

Netcore Solutions
Netcore Solutions has supported IndLinux activities since 2001.

Sarai-CSDS has been long time supporter since 2002.

NRCFOSS AU-KBC is sponsoring server hosting for and Code repository

Apart from this are several others individuals, organizations in different capacities who shared our vision of Indic Computing on FOSS.

From IndLinux Sponsors.


Unicode Conversion Gateway for Indian language newspaper sites

Prasad from Swecha writes Swecha team at TCS (Vignesh, Harshita) have
been working on porting the Padma Firefox extension to PHP, so that it can be used server-side as a proxy server. The proxy is available at

Check it out and if possible link to it from your websites (Target is to get the search engines index the unicode versions of Indian language websites – thats the reason for listing out all the supported websites on

Vignesh writes more about it

What is Unicode Conversion Gateway?

This is a proxy server. When you visit web pages through this server, it will convert the proprietary encoded contents in those web pages into Unicode contents. A mozilla plugin called Padma is extended and reimplemented to create this proxy server.

How to access this Unicode Conversion Gateway?

Use this Url:

What are all the websites that it’s going to support?

There is a list of website names in the index page ( for them the contents can be converted.

Why do we need the conversion to unicode?

If the web pages are in unicode,
* single unicode font per language is sufficient to view all the web pages
* search inside a web page is possible
* search through google is possible
* the contents can be copy pasted and mailed to somebody

Why is Unicode Conversion Proxy needed when Padma is available?

Padma is specific to mozilla and firefox web browsers. Since Unicode Conversion Gateway is a proxy server, one can access this through any web browser. Also we have added support for two more proprietary encodings used in and web sites. We are planning to add support for more encodings also.

What is the development status of the code?

It is converting the pages reasonably well. But still it needs to be improved. We are doing that.

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indic xkb maps updated

Some of the indic xkb maps have been updated, as per the bugs here, mainly removing the invalid chars existing in kan, ori, ml, tel & tml maps..

updated maps are in CVS here –

they will be pushed upstream into xorg & debian xkb package soon..


Indic Meet abandoned

The proposed Indic Meet stands abandoned, due to lack of encouraging response & initiative.
This doesnt meen there wouldnt be any meet in future, only that the usual annual september indic gathering wouldnt happen this year.
Anyone welcome to take initiative to plan & organize events in future…


English-Telugu dictionary online

Swecha team has put up a web interface for English Telugu Dictionary at

The interface is in Telugu Unicode unlike most other online dictionary
lookup services. It is based on Charles Philip Brown English-Telugu
Dictionary, available under GPL at

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IndLinux IRC Meet – 22nd May 3pm-6pm

IndLinux IRC meet on 22nd May 3pm-6pm IST on #indlinux at


  • Formation of the Indlinux Society
  • Update’s from the Language Teams
  • Indic Developer Meet – Possible venues


Aksharbodh – OCR for Indian languages

AksharBodh is a project to create a set of libraries and applications for character recognition for Indic languages using computers, basically OCR (optical character recognition).
This project will have two parts
(i) Character recognition from scanned images handwriting recognition.
(ii) Character recognition from scanned image can be restricted to fonts, but handwriting recognition has to be generic.

Some background information is here on wiki

Visit project home page
Join the mailing lists.

The project specifically needs volunteers with skills in maths & programming and some knowlegde of pattern recognition & working of existing OCR softwares.

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Firefox indic in Debian testing

Though not really new news, but Debian testing now has Indic enabled Firefox, meaning Indic script will render well in it. A good time for users to upgrade to it. Other distros which support it are Fedora Core 4+ & Ubuntu Breezy/Dapper


Padma 0.4.7 released

Nagarjuna Venna posts on padma list

Padma 0.4.7 is now available for download from This release primarily includes support for
HTChanakya font used by Hindustan Dainik, Shusha font used by many
Hindi websites like Abhivyakti, Anubhuti, Sarai etc. We have also
added support for Marathi Shivaji font (ex: and
Gujarati Vakil font (ex: that are based
on Shusha. Many thanks to Guntuapalli Karunakar for his help with the
Shusha font. Please send bug reports and feedback to this list.

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Entrans version 0.3 released

Khader Abbeb N posts on entrans-users list

Entrans version 0.3 has been released

Entrans is an online collaborative translation tool that can be used
for the translation of PO files. Entrans was developed with Indic
community in mind and has features, like built-in input editor, that
make the translation job a lot easier for Indic translators.

Project Page :

Demo Page :

New Features in Entrans ver 0.3

1. Multi-Language Implementation
2. File Hierarchy
3. Upload/Download of compressed files/archives*
4. Upload PO files via URL*
5. Perform upload process in the background*
6. PO files downloadable by all users
7. Modular source code

* Platform/External application dependent feature

Multi-Language Implementation
Entrans can now be deployed for translation of PO files of multiple
languages. This has been a long-standing request from the community and
has be implemented in the current version.

File Hierarchy
To better organize all the uploaded into Entrans a virtual PO file
hierarchical structure is now available. PO files can be uploaded or
organized into different branches thereby maintaining a neat file hierarchy.

Upload/Download of compressed files/archives
Compressed archives of PO files can now be uploaded into Entrans. PO
files can be compressed in the following formats .zip, .tar, .tar.gz,
.tar.bz2, .gz, .bz2, .bz and then uploaded. This feature requires the
web-server hosting Entrans to be a Linux based one.

Upload PO files via URL
PO files on the Internet can also be uploaded into Entrans. Simply
create a text file having one URL per line and save the text file with a
“.url” extension. When you upload this text file into Entrans, it
retrieves the PO files from the given URL. This feature requires the
web-server hosting Entrans to be a Linux based one and requires “wget”
to be installed and configured properly.

PO files downloadable by all users
Another request from the community was that any user should be able to
download the PO files and translate it offline, if he chooses to. This
option is now available. A user can now download a file/files and
translate it/them using some other tool. The user can then send the
translated PO files to the administrator of Entrans, who will merge it
with the file already in Entrans.

Modular source code
The source code has been made more modular so that it is more
readable for the developers and the community.