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User Demo Workshops

Few User demo Workshops would be organized in Bhopal and Indore , 23rd - 27th April. Objectives & agenda below.


  • What we intend to achieve
Make people aware of using Indian languages on computers & how to use it under Linux. Identify potential volunteers who can take it much further and deeper at their local levels. Train a set of people who can them help out others get going at local level.
  • Why we are doing this
Creating awareness about using Hindi on computers. Show users what they can do and how.
  • Target audience
Users who use Hindi on computers as part of workarea, writing & general etc. Hindi departments, Hindi speakers, NGOs into ICT activities, schools having computers & hindi medium studying students, general computer users.

Resource Requirements

  • PCs for demo - Configuration etc.
  • Hall/Room for venue
  • Projector.
  • Publicity material
    • Banner ,posters
    • Pamphlets
      • What is GNU/Linux/Free Opensource, About Indlinux and Hindi linux, Rangoli doc.
    • CDs to give/sell
      • Knoppix
      • Rangoli live CD
      • Ubuntu Install + Live CD
      • Indic + FOSS tools CD.


  • About free & opensource - mukt & muft.
  • Linux for users
  • IndLinux project
  • Hindi on computers
  • using Hindi on Linux.


  • Linux live CD - Knoppix / Ubuntu
  • Installing Linux - Fedora/Ubuntu/Knoppix
  • Using Hindi on Linux - setting up & testing
  • Hindi in different applications
  • Creating documents, sending email, making a Hindi webpage.