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List of available Indian language fonts for scripts encoded in Unicode.

Only Unicode encoded TTFs, Unicode encoded Opentype to be included here.
For each font put name - url for download for individual file or tarball/zip for font collection.
Put license wrt each font/set ( GPL/LGPL/OSS/ PROP - non-commercial read-only free download ).
Commercial fonts not to be included.

On Gnu/Linux distributions, Lohit series is the default font for almost all Indian languages.

On Debian based systems: 'apt-get install fonts-indic' to get all FOSS Indian language fonts


  • Lohit Assamese , see Lohit collection.



More here -



  • Saab - First free Gurmukhi font download (GPL)
  • AnmolUni - download (GPL)
  • Lohit Punjabi - See Lohit collection.
  • Raavi - Gurmukhi OTF in MS Windows (PROP)



Name Usability Version License
Meera Screenfont , Traditional script 6.1 GPL3.0 or later+FE
Rachana Suitable for Design and print,
Traditional script
6.1 GPLv2.0 or later+FE ,
AnjaliOldlipi Screenfont, Traditional script 6.1 OFL1.1
Chilanka Handwriting font, Traditional script 2.0 OFL1.1
RaghuMalayalam Screenfont , reformed script 2.0 GPLv2.0
Dyuthi Ornamental font, traditional script 1.0.1 GPLv3 or later+FE
Suruma Traditional script 3.2 GPLv3 +FE
Kalyani reformed script 3.2 GPLv3+FE
Lohit Malayalam Screenfont , Reformed script 2.920 (Beta-1) OFL1.1


  • Lohit Oriya - See Lohit collection.
  • Utkal - download (GPL, gzip compressed. Best coverage.)
  • Samyak Oriya - See Samyak collection.
  • Raghu Oriya - download (GPL, works with IndiX, additional work needed to work with other renderers)
  • Odia Opentype Jagannatha font    source (SIL OFL)


  • Samyak Tamil - See Samyak collection below (GPL)
  • Lohit Tamil - See Lohit collection.



I cannot read the Urdu script, and hence cannot comment on the degree of coverage.

There is a SourceForge project, Pakistani Typography, for making GPL fonts in the Arabic script.

Several fonts are available from the CRULP site (English version), but under a non-free licence.

  • Nafees Nastaleeq -download (Proprietary)
  • Nafees Naskh with Arabic support - download (Proprietary)
  • Nafees Pakistani Naskh - download (Proprietary)
  • Nafees Web Naskh - download (Proprietary)

SIL International has fonts for the Arabic script that support both OpenType, and the Mac OSX AAT format. See this page for details.

  • Scheherazade Regular - download (Proprietary)
  • Lateef Regular - download (Proprietary)

Another non-free font from

Font collections

List of Font collections, which have multiple ranges/languages, within one font family or released as a single collection.


Lohit set of fonts is Indic font collection available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora.
Currently, the font family supports 16 Indian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil and Telugu. Now, Fedora Project and its contributors took the responsibility to consolidate the further efforts and improvements of the Lohit fonts.

Various download options for the Lohit fonts are available from the projects home page at:
Individual fonts can be downloaded here Lohit downloads
The fonts are released under GNU GPLv2.
The latest tar ball of the complete set of fonts can be downloaded from here.

GNU Freefont

GNU FreeFont is a free family of scalable outline fonts, suitable for general use on computers and for desktop publishing. It is Unicode-encoded, with a large coverage of writing systems.

Glyph sources for GNU FreeFont as of the May 2012 release.
Note that glyphs are typically modified from the original on import to FreeFont, and that glyphs may have been added to (or removed from) a range.
* indicates a range under development. 
Script Free Serif Free Sans Free Mono
regular italic bold bold italic regular oblique bold bold oblique regular oblique bold bold oblique
Devanagari velthuis velthuis Gargi 1.9 Gargi 1.9 *
Bengali SolaimanLipi SolaimanLipi Rupali Rupali
Gurmukhi singh singh AnmolUni AnmolUni Bold
Gujarati Samyak
Oriya Samyak
Tamil Samyak *
Malayalam Rachana_04 Meera_04


Samyak series of Open Type fonts currently covers 5 Indic scripts with serif style and 7 with san serif. It also gives a single Multilingual font file covering all the scripts available in the family. So that the multilingual text can be rendered with uniform style and size. Also the user doesn't need to change the font each time the language is changed while editing the document.

A complete list of font files and their associated .sfd file along with the samples for each script are available on the following URL for download. (GPL)

The project homepage with latest downloads and development related updates can found here: (GPL)


Fonts released as part of CD releases by TDIL/MIT/CDAC. All this fonts are readonly & free for non-commercial use. Some packages are in windows installer forms.

Raghu series

Raghu series of fonts for use with Indix (through Internet Archive)

  • Includes fonts for 9 scripts, in shipped and with OTF tables (VOLT format?)

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