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Kashmiri (कशमीरी)
Pronunciation: Kashmiri, Kaschemiri, Kacmiri, Keshuri, Cashmiri, Cashmeeree
Script: devnagri, Perso-Arabic
ISO 639-1 Code: hi
Spoken in: J&K
Total speakers: 4.611 million apx
Official status
Official language of: Jammu and Kashmir
Regulated by: -
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Kashmiri can be written in perso-arbic (similar to Nastaʿlīq or Aracbic(Urdu) alphabet) or davnagri script.

कोशूर छु लेखं यीवान पारो-अरबिक तह् देवनागरी मन्ज।

I request all folks please help in joining hands and contribute!

तोहय मन्ज अगर क्यन्स कोशूर तगान छु तमीस छी गुज्ारीश सू करय्तन याथ मन्ज मदद्त !


About to start........(better in percentage)

जल्द यीय्य शरू करर्न . . . . . . (पर्सेंटेज मंज)

Join Mailing List and Project Team page to contribute.

There is a new Entrans instance installation which allows online translation contribution. Please contribute and cherish the Freedom!! Indic IME toolbar facilitates typing in Indian Languages in web pages. So, you can use Hindi to type in Kashmiri.