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Notes for localisation track: IndLinux meet, 16/17 May, 2009

Runa - Bengali India

  • initially ankur ( india, bd worked together) , later went different ways bn_IN, bn_BD ..
  • 3-4 active translators.
  • Could do translation sprints/reviews
  • Deployment : some initiatives in Bangladesh ( BD govt )
  • Slides

BN Issues

  • Inscript keymap not updated
  • Rendering issues, mostly in QT application
  • refer slides for rest

Ravishankar - Chattisgarhi L10N

  • script to convert hindi words to HNE words
  • available as KDE4 package for windows
  • Not yet released in KDE 4.x officially (need to check on that)
  • Take advantage of leverage to get standardization early on.


Sandeep - Marathi

  • Working all alone for most of marathi work.


  • For FUEL Marathi
    • Need to find people who would be interested in a 1-2 day session
    • Identify organizations/persons who can play active role in Marathi L10N.
    • Have a planning meeting on 6th June (before or after PLUG meet), if enough interested people are available.

FUEL project: Jaswinder

  • Idea is to improve consistency, and standardisation for localisation work across languages.
  • Currently, eight languages in FUEL.
  • Hindi, and Marathi evaluation in progress.
  • Resources:
    • Project hosted on fedorahosted.org: https://fedorahosted.org/fuel
    • Mailing list: fuel-discuss@lists.fedorahosted.org
    • IRC: #fuel-discuss on Freenode
    • Ticketing system integrated into fedorahosted Wiki.
  • Future of FUEL:
    • IRC bot to reply about entries for each language
    • Cross-platform database format for FUEL
    • Online FUEL entries search facility. Sarai to help with this.
    • Entries to be added from different paltforms, and different desktop environments.



  • 25-30 active people
  • Have a participative process
  • collaborate through wiki
  • Own glossary defined
  • Do 1-2 rounds of review before checkins
  • Need testing process - esp visual context for strings
  • No visible users - dont feel need to use ml interface!
  • Translation inconsistency issues to be solved.
  • Not satisfied with quality & usability of the localized desktop.

slide : http://smc.org.in/~santhosh/presentations/Malayalam-L10N.odp


Shweta Kothari, Kartik Mistry, Ankit Patel

  • New Unicode font Kalapi to be released under GPL
  • Need more fonts (also a workshop on how to make fonts)
  • Some conjuncts to resolve in fonts
  • Need some way to track changes in base stuff (like fonts), in different distributions
    • eg. debian has package watch for changes in packages..eg need syncing b/n debian & fedora
  • Gujarati lexicon is available, though not FOSS words can be used in spellchecker




  • Gnome, KDE, OpenOffice, Firefox localization is on.
  • Swecha group (swecha.org) did earlier work.


  • Future
    • Translation Workshops - Manual - Guideline in Tamil
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Revolve around supportive organisation - NRCFOSS, Sarai, Tamil VU? - look out for Students
    • Continue Public events
    • Work together with other Language groups - Already with SMC - Fonts workshop, Dhvani conducted - Redhat?
    • Approach media Makkal TV, Anna Univ, Academicians for support
    • Publish Book - Ubuntu Hand book, Fedora Hand book etc.,
    • A foundation


See HindiStatus


  • Manoj Giri
  • Need more active ppl to work on it
  • Glossary to be updated
  • an online translation interface would help - setup entrans/pootle.


No presentation

Links to localisation presentations