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Currently there are no active releases, all Indian language support is available in most Gnu/Linux distributions, refer installation documentation of relevant distributions

To enable Indian languages on your distribution, select the required Indian language at install time or refer IndianLanguageHowto on setting up on existing install

Live CD

CD ISO releases

Live CD images , use them if you want to try out without need to install.

Rangoli 1.0 beta
Live CD with Hindi,Bengali,Gujarati,Punjabi,Tamil interfaces based on Gnome 2.10 and KDE 3.4.3.
Download it (690MB) check MD5SUM

Milan Demo CD v0.7.2 and Rangoli Alpha releases are now deprecated and no longer available.

Installable tarballs

Download this if you have any Linux distro already installed.

IndLinux Hindi v0.9 (unnati)
Includes updated translations for KDE 3.2, bolnagri keymap and updated fonts. Use for Fedora Core 2, Mandrake 10, Suse 9.1, Knoppix 3.4 or any other distro having KDE 3.2.x .
Download unnati (3.4MB) Read release notes
Check md5sum - aa4a21d09af2eb72645577a7a4fe04dd

IndLinux Hindi v0.73 (Pali)
Includes all stuff - fonts, translations for Gnome 2.2 and 2.4, keymaps etc needed to get your distro Indic enabled. Tested for Redhat 8/9, Fedora Core 1, Mandrake 9.x, Debian unstable.
Download pali (2.4MB)

IndLinux Hindi v0.37 (Milan)
Old Release for Gnome 2.0 for Redhat 8
| Download milan (1.5MB) Read release notes


Indic Opentype fonts package (1.4MB)

Input Methods

Bolnagri Phonetic Keymap
Bolnagri is already available in most recent distros (Debian Unstable/sid, Fedora 8, Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.10/8.04 etc). Select India - Hindi Bolnagri from keyboard layout switching applet in GNOME or 'in' with variant Hindi Bolnagri in KDE.

Use Bolnagri-in if using any recent distro like Debian Etch/Sid, Fedora Code 6/7, Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.04, Suse 10.2, Mandrake 2007 etc. Bolnagri-in tarball (137KB)

Old Releases
Old bolnagri tarball (29KB)
Old Bolnagri deb (32KB)
Old deb package (Debian sarge,ubuntu 6.06 or before (30KB)

Downloads Hosted on ]