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Welcome to the Indlinux Project
The goal of this project is to create a Linux distribution that supports Indian Languages at all levels. This Indianisation project will strive to bring the benefits of Information Technology down to the Indian masses. We want to make technology accessible to the majority of India that does not speak English.

Project Resources

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Featured Article

Rangoli is multilingual Live CD from based on Morphix project (which is based on KNOPPIX & Debian). It boots directly into the chosen language desktop as available on boot menus.

This is a demo & test release, primarily intended for testing out Indic stuff and not for production use. A final version would be coming up by Jan’06 end, which will also be the last of Rangoli live CD series.

Download ISO (690MB)

This version of Live CD features the following

  • Gnome 2.10
  • KDE 3.4.3
  • OpenOffice 2.0

Following languages are available as boot options

  • KDE - Hindi, Tamil
  • GNOME - Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi

This features work from following Language teams

Languages - Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Marathi not included since they dont have near complete KDE/GNOME desktops. Telugu disabled for font conflicts will be fixed in next release.

Nepali and Dzongkha also provided as demo purpose.

News and Happenings

Featured Screenshot

IndLinux banner signed at FOSS.IN/2005 on 2nd Dec 2005.

KDE Hindi screenshots · Screenshots Gallery · Upload Screenshots

Helping Out

Help create content for the Wiki:

The Wiki has been setup to document all aspects of Localisation and to enable teams working on localising free software to share their knowledge. To help us in this regard, feel free to edit/add content to this wiki. You can make a start by clicking on non-existing pages (Red colored links) and adding content. You can also make suggestions at the Indlinux:Community Portal.

Language Pages:
Assamese() · Bengali (বাংলা) · Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) · Hindi (हिन्दी) · Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) · Kashmiri (कश्मीरी / كشميري) · Malayalam (മലയാളം) · Marathi (मराठी) · Nepali (नेपाली) · Oriya (ଓଡ଼ିଆ) · Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) · Sanskrit (संस्कृतम्) · Sindhi (सिंधी) · Tamil (தமிழ்) · Telugu (తెలుగు) · Urdu (اردو) <p>Language Teams:
Assamese (Luit) · Bengali (Ankur) · Gujarati (Utkarsh) · · Hindi (IndLinux) · Kannada (Kannada Localisation Initiative) Malayalam (Swathantra Malayalam Computing) · Marathi · Indictrans · Oriya (Rebati) · Punjabi (Punlinux) · Sindhi (सिंधी) · Tamil (Zhakanini) · Telugu What do language teams do? · Join a language team · Start a language team </div>